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Los Angeles Plumbing Tips

Los Angeles County Water Heater Repair

At TV Plumbing, we provide water heater installation and maintenance services to residents throughout greater Los Angeles. Our certified plumbers can help you find the highest quality water heaters and water heater parts for your home’s needs. Whether you’re in need of a new water heater installation, or a tune up for your current water … Continued

Los Angeles Remodeling with Water Conservation in Mind

As you are well aware, the state of California has been suffering through an extreme and extended drought. As such, it is important to take steps to increase water conservation efforts within our homes. If you are conducting a remodeling project, you have a great opportunity to reduce the amount of water that you and your … Continued

Extend the Life of Your Los Angeles Water Heater

No one wants to face replacing their hot water heater. Make sure you’re getting the full life out of your water heater with a professional plumber who can help preserve it. Most hot water heaters only last about 15 good years. But you can preserve your Los Angeles water heater a little longer by calling your local … Continued

Causes of Leaky Faucets

We hate leaky faucets. In fact, we hate them so much that we’d rather do almost anything but fix them. Our hopes of them just going away on their own are often dashed by the drip, drip, drip get bigger, louder, and more pronounced. Leaky faucets account for 10% of your water bill each month. The … Continued

Los Angeles Clogged Drains Draw Our Attention

Most often, we tend to ignore our Los Angeles plumbing system until we have clogged drains or some other plumbing problem. It’s understandable because most of the plumbing is hidden out of sight so we aren’t reminded of it every day. The most we see from day to day is a faucet or spout, so … Continued