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TV Plumbing is your Artesia CA Plumber for professional, licensed plumbing, drain cleaning, and water heater services.

Plumbing in Artesia, CA

Our professional plumbers are dedicated to providing top-quality plumbing services to our customers in Artesia. Locally owned and operated since 1982, the experts at TV Plumbing can quickly pinpoint and solve almost any plumbing or sewage problem.

Learn how we can help you with all of your plumbing needs, from plumbing repairs to kitchen remodeling. Call us for a free plumbing service estimate and to learn more about how we can help you.

Plumbing Services in Artesia, CA

Our plumbing specialists at TV Plumbing have the skills and experience to handle almost any plumbing problem in your Artesia, CA home. From toilet repairs, to drain cleaning and pipe replacement, we do it all! No plumbing problem is too complex for our certified plumbers. If you’re experiencing plumbing problems, don’t hestitate to contact us right away.

Water Heater Repair in Artesia, CA

When it comes to essential home appliances, your Artesia home’s water heater may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Water heaters are the type of appliance that you probably don’t think much about until it stops working. However, water heater maintenance is imperative to you and your family’s comfort level. Our water heater repair specialists can help you keep your Artesia water heater well-maintained and functioning properly.

Drain Cleaning in Artesia, CA

While drain cleaning may seem like a simple task that any Artesia homeowner can complete, that’s not always the case. Over time, the drains in your kitchen and bathroom sinks will become clogged with years of food residue, hair, and even the occasional solid object. Sometimes your kitchen sink isn’t clearing because of a drain blockage several feet away, in a different area of your home. In cases such as this, we recommend leaving the drain cleaning up to the professionals. At TV Plumbing, we know how to locate and remove plumbing and drain blockages quickly. We’ll have your plumbing system working properly in no time.